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There is something quite surreal about finding something you’ve written sharing a bookshop shelf alongside such great authors as Alasdair Grey, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Jenni Fagan… Let me tell you it concentrates the mind like nothing else – and is a strong encouragement to keep writing .

The second book in the DI Corstophine series is finished and with my publisher, Fledgling Press in Edinburgh. The Devil’s Cut follows on from Whirligig and will be released this Autumn, and we may even be able to launch in an actual bookshop – pandemic allowing.

Hot on its heels is an environmental thriller which is ready for my agent to look at. This is something new to me, and I’ll update you as to how this progresses through from first submission through to (hopefully) signing with a publisher. This is a novel I started last year, and it’s only just reached a state where I can let it go for a first look.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m now working on my latest project – a modern re-telling of Kidnapped for which I’m grateful to Creative Scotland and The National Lottery for providing the funding. Like Robert Louis Stevenson’s original work, my protagonist is kidnapped and has to find her way back to Edinburgh without being discovered. With the police and others on her trail, the only way home is across much the same wild route that David Balfour walked. Tackling subjects as diverse as human trafficking, sexual exploitation and the abuse of the law this will not be a YA novel!

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  1. I am facing problems checking out your website. I am unable to find any information regarding your book. I am hopeful that you can offer me some help. Apologies for bothering you.


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