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A Song of Winter

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That’s the contract signed for my standalone ecological thriller A Song of Winter. Once again I’m indebted to Fledgling Press and the support they offer to little known writers, and I can only hope their faith is rewarded in book sales and downloads.

What’s it about?

Take a planet – our own in this instance – and subject it to hundreds of years of pollution until climate change can no longer be denied. Take the delicate environmental systems that protect and nourish life on earth and watch them fail, one by one. Take one small intergalactic event – a spoke in the machinery of the heavens – and apply it at just the wrong moment.

Who’s it about?

A young family whose mother has an unerring accuracy with a crossbow

A group of university students whose research is too damn accurate

Politicians desperate for their own survival above all else

An ex-SAS guy who just wants to be left alone

When’s it out?

Hopefully October 2022 but watch this space.

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